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climate change-wildfire

Time:2022-08-18 Views:96

The Information Office of the Government of Fuling District, Chongqing announced on the evening of the 17th that fires broke out in the mountains and forests under the jurisdiction of Lizhi Street and Jiangbei Street at 18:28 and 20:30 on August 17.

The Fuling District immediately activated the emergency plan and organized the fire fighting force to go to the rescue. At present, nearby residents have been evacuated in time, and no casualties have been reported. The fire area and the cause of the fire are under investigation.

Forest fire red alert has been in place for 13 days

On the 17th, Chongqing held a special press conference on high temperature and drought relief work. It was reported at the meeting that since the beginning of the summer forest fire prevention, the average temperature in Chongqing has reached the highest value for the same periodin history since 1961. Orange and red warning signals for forest fire danger have been issued twice in a row. The second red warning signal has lasted for 13 days and is still continuing.

Up to now, there have been 2 forest fires in Chongqing in summer, and the affected forest area is 17.6 mu. The fire prevention situation is very serious.

In response to the current severe forest fire prevention situation, the Chongqing forestry department reminds citizens to strictly abide by the "Fire Prohibition Order" and "Mountain Closure Order" issued by the local government, and take the initiative to accept the inspection of forest fire prevention checkpoints (cards) personnel, and to scan "in and out of forest areas". Fire code", it is strictly forbidden to bring fire sources into the mountains. When traveling into the mountains for health care, smoking, picnics, and other outdoor fires are strictly prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to use fire for agricultural purposes, sacrificial fire, production and living, as well as playing with fire and arson in forest areas and forest edges.
At present, individuals and units in Chongqing have been given top penalties for illegally using fire in the wild.
High temperature in Chongqing continues

The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a high temperature red warning at 06:00 on August 18. According to the forecast, the highest temperature in some parts of 7 provinces and cities including Chongqing, Zhejiang, etc. can reach above 40 ℃.

Chongqing has now become the "king of high temperature".

According to statistics from the Central Meteorological Observatory on the 17th, since August, the number of high temperature hours in Chongqing has exceeded 40 °C, and Beibei has been above 40 °C for almost a quarter of the time.

Drought caused by high temperature is also not small.

The special press conference on high temperature and drought relief work held in Chongqing on the 17th reported that since July 1, the temperature in Chongqing has been significantly higher and the precipitation has been significantly lower, and the highest temperature in 9 districts and counties has broken the local historical high temperature record.

The continuous clear and high temperature weather since July has caused disasters to 881,000 people in 33 districts and counties, 585 townships (streets) in Chongqing, and 300,000 people needed living assistance due to drought; 66 rivers in 8 districts and counties were cut off, and 10 districts 25 reservoirs in the county have dried up; the water storage capacity of water conservancy projects in 26 districts and counties is less than 70%.

At present, the Chongqing Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters is making every effort to implement the "six measures" to actively respond to the current high temperature and drought.

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