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Who Invented The Straw?

Time:2022-08-29 Views:52

The inventor of the straw was Marvin Stone of the United States, invented in 1888. In the 19th century, Americans like to drink cold light wine, in order to avoid the hot air in the mouth to reduce the frozen strength of the wine, therefore, drink without mouth directly drinking, and with natural straw to drink, but natural straw easy to break, its own taste will also seep into the wine.

At the time, Marvin Stone, a cigarette manufacturer in the United States, took inspiration from the cigarette sands and made a paper straw. Try a few times and find that it won‘t break, nor does it smell strange. Since then, people not only use straws when drinking light wine, but also use paper straws when drinking other cold drinks. When the invention of plastic, because the flexibility of plastic, aesthetics are better than the paper straw, so the paper straw will be replaced by colorful plastic straw.

Disposable paper straws