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Wearing a face shield can increase your safety

Time:2022-08-24 Views:68
 There is no doubt that face mask alongside a face shield is one of the best practices against COVID-19. According to the article published on Livestrong.com that features an interview with a Christopher Sulmonte, MHA, an expert on best practices for infection prevention and project administrator for the Johns Hopkins Bio-Containment Unit, mentions an increase in safety. They explored available research on adding face shield protection to a regular face mask.

“In combination with a mask, a face shield could potentially provide additional protection against COVID-19,” Sulmonte says. That’s because face shields may “create an extra barrier from large droplets, provide eye protection and minimize how often you touch your face,” he explains.

Both CDC and Sulmonte agree that fit and coverage are essential when choosing a face shield. CDC suggests that the face shield should extend bellow the chin and wrap around the sides of the face. For direct sneeze or cough, this would stop contaminants hitting your eyes or part of the face and preserving face mask getting direct exposure as well.

As mentioned earlier face shields are excellent in areas where social distancing is not possible, like in grocery stores, barber shops and salons, cafés and bakeries. Face shields also remind people to social distance because of its appearance as well as those of us who have a habit of touching a face. It reminds us not to do so.

adult face shield

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