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The Future Of Paper Straws Is Unlimited

Time:2022-08-29 Views:53

At present, the world is promoting environmental protection, especially from the small things around, personal families such as casual lights, water, unplug;

A plastic bag is 5 cents, but the pollution it causes can be 50 times that of 5 cents and so on. As the most commonly used in the use of ordinary life, straw, and what can be done to change?

Let‘s talk today. Straws are an important product, both in developed and developing countries. In recent years, the food service packaging industry has developed rapidly, in people‘s lives to bring convenience at the same time more and more random discarded plastic straws and similar products began to cause a burden on the environment, and paper straw because of its recyclability gradually show edified advantages. Paper straws can drink water, beverages, milk tea, coffee, sand ice and other liquids. Can be placed as ornaments in cake, PARTY, home, etc. Can be used as a stitched material for DIY toys.

Plastic strawcans can be used, paper straws can also be, but also more environmentally friendly. According to Taiwan‘s Environmental Protection Agency statistics, the average Taiwanese people to use 3 billion plastic straws a year, in order to end plastic pollution, the Environmental Protection Agency has announced that from July next year, public departments, public and private schools, department stores and shopping centers, chain fast food stores and other four categories of objects, not to provide disposable plastic straws,

And in accordance with the stage to 2030 to comprehensively limit the one-time plastic straw. And in all kinds of materials of environmental protection straw, paper straw because of easy to use, and can be recycled decomposition, become the first choice of most stores. But at present, Taiwan‘s commercial lysing pipe part of the direct introduction of finished products from abroad, part of the straw manufacturers to buy general non-special paper import manufacturing, are not 100% tracking health safety, fear of uneven quality, affecting human health concerns.

Disposable paper straws


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