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Teach You How To Pick A Premium Drink Straw

Time:2022-08-29 Views:56

The first is "look". 

To see whether the outer packaging of the straw has QS (quality and safety marking); whether the straw has color, if there is a color, the safety of the straw will be reduced, the color depth of the kind to attract special attention; whether the straw has black spots impurities or broken bubbles, because these are the characteristics of non-conforming products.

Second, "smell". 

Before the straw does not touch the drink, to smell a pungent odor, if there is an odor, indicating that it must be the problem straw. The third is "pinch". 

If the straw is pinched flat, it means that the straw is made of thin material, poor quality, in the process of use will be easily sucked flat. Knowing these answers, I would like to remind children to use straws as little as possible. We usually drink milk, cola, etc. can be drinkable in cups, do not need to use straw. Even if you need to use straw, also pay attention to choose as clear a straw as possible, and do not use to drink hot things, do not let the straw stay in the drink for too long.

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