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How strong are paper straws?

Time:2022-08-25 Views:78
 A common complaint about paper straws is that they quickly become soggy when they’re placed in a drink. It’s argued that when the straw enters the liquid it starts to dissolve, leaving the drinker with tiny pieces of paper floating around in their cup or glass. Naturally, this then impacts the person’s enjoyment of their drink in a way that a plastic straw would not.

However, this objection doesn’t apply to paper straws manufactured to a high standard. Paper straws such as those made by Tembo are created to be strong; in fact, they resist water for up to four hours. This means that they stay firm and keep the shape for the time it takes to consume a drink (and longer!).

Of course, if the paper straw is left in liquid for longer than four hours, it will begin to become soft and dissolve. This, however, demonstrates how easily the straw will biodegrade after use. In contrast to a plastic straw, a paper straw isn’t in danger of contributing to the 8 million tons of plastic waste flooding into our oceans, because it will safely disintegrate back into the soil. 

Disposable paper straws

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