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Benefits of Using Paper Straws

Time:2022-08-26 Views:68

Since plastic straws do not disintegrate in landfills, they are being banned across multiple cities. Other countries have opted for paper straws, so they can participate in making a cleaner and sustainable environment.

Benefits of Using Paper Straws
Paper is easier to recycle than plastic straws. With its growing popularity, more companies have offered to sell them in bulk.

One of the key selling points of paper straws is their environmentally friendly features. Paper can disintegrate within 2- 6 weeks. You can also turn them into recycled paper through a rigorous process.

With the news filling up with tragedy and a series of unfortunate events happening to our oceans, scientists have been looking for solutions to replace most of our pollution-causing items. One of which is the paper straw; using these instead of plastic straws can keep marine wildlife safe and keep a cleaner world.

Edible Straws
Another way to lessen plastic waste is to make edible straws. You can’t create trash if it’s in your stomach.

Candy Straws
This will work on hard candies. On a baking tray lined with parchment paper, line up some hard candies of your choice. Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for two minutes. After the candies have melted, spread them into a thin layer with a spoon. Using a wooden stick, roll the candy melt into a straw, and let it cool.

Rice Straws
Rice noodles are a popular ingredient in Asian households, and some have been creative in making rice straws as an alternative to plastic straws. They mimic the same structure as plastic straws, but they can be boiled and eaten like a regular noodle.

Bacon Straws
This method is not for everyone. Coil a piece of uncooked bacon around a wooden skewer. Make sure to cover it tightly and cook it like how you would typically bake bacon. It will create a savory drink good for tomato-based cocktails.

Disposable paper straws

 paper straw