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Are the face shields reusable or disposable?

Time:2022-08-24 Views:65
 MediaBlink’s face shields are reusable and long lasting, they are also made of durable materials that keep the shape and remain intact for long time, in the same time our face shields are ultralight. You can use your shield indefinitely as long as you take good care of it.

One crucial aspect that contributes to the face shield longevity, is the storage. When not in use, we recommend a shield to be stored in the plastic bag that it comes with or simply finding a larger ziplock bag that can serve the same purpose. We suggest cleaning the shield after each use and storing it in the bag until the next use.

Cleaning the shield is a simple process, simply by dampening paper towel with an alcohol and making few passes on a both outside and inside plastic shell. You can also use commercially available disinfection wipes from your grocery store, such as Clorox wipes. Every so often, after long days of wearing, you may want to allocate a few minutes in cleaning the webbing or band part too. Lighter color face shields may require little more attention then darker colors. We recommend using liquid soap and water, and gently rubbing the band to clean, allowing it to dry before storing it in a plastic bag or wearing it. During the same time that you are cleaning a band, we also suggest running water over the plastic part of the shield as overtime a film can build up on the suffice from use of disinfectant, making a shield to fog up.

Some people question can they write the name on the shield or decorate it to personal likings. A lot of workplaces actually encourage in doing so, and it makes it easier not to mix the shields with other people. It is recommended that only one person wears each shield. Keep in mind if you decorate your band, it will be a little more challenging to clean, but on the other hand, it will be personalized to you.

Finally, when you decide that you no longer need the face shield, you can recycle the clear PET lense. The clear PET lens is also PBA-free.

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